Who We Are

The Second State Capitol Commission was created in 2001 with the General Assembly’s passage of Senate Bill 470 and renamed the Missouri State Capitol Commission (MSCC) in 2009 through Senate Bill 480.

The MSCC is composed of the commissioner of the Office of Administration; four members of the legislature – two from the Senate and two from the House of Representatives, with equal representation for both the majority and minority party; an employee of the Senate; an employee of the House; and four members appointed by the governor, with the consent of the Senate. In addition, the lieutenant governor serves as an ex officio member of the commission.

The commission is supported by the staff of the Division of Facilities Management, Design and Construction in the Office of Administration, along with other agencies, including the Department of Natural Resources, the Missouri State Archives, and the Office of State Courts Administrator, among others.

Members of the Second State Capitol Commission:

Ms. Dana Rademan Miller, Chair, Jefferson City
Mr. Harold Caskey, Vice Chair, Butler
Honorable Pat Conway, Missouri House of Representatives
Honorable Shannon “Kiki” Curls, Missouri Senate
Mr. Stephen Davis, Crestwood
Honorable Tom Flanigan, Missouri House of Representatives
Ms. Betty Cooper Hearnes, Charleston
Marga Hoelscher, Missouri Senate Staff
Honorable Mike Kehoe, Missouri Senate
Honorable Peter Kinder, Missouri Lieutenant Governor
Mr. Doug Nelson, Commissioner, Office of Administration

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