Bronze Door Restoration Project

The monumental cast bronze doors located at the South entrance of the Missouri State Capitol measure13 feet by 18 feet and are original features of the Capitol Building. Two additional sets of bronze pocket doors are located on either side of the large doors.  All of the doors have been removed to undergo a complete restoration. Once completed, the doors will again be operational.

In preparation of the door’s removal, the interior vestibule was also removed to allow space for the bronze doors to be taken down. It was discovered that vestibule is not original to the building and was rebuilt on several occasions throughout the building’s history. The Office of Administration, in coordination with the Missouri State Capitol Commission, is exploring options with the project Consultant to install a new, historically appropriate vestibule system with contemporary upgrades.

Recently, the south circle drive was temporarily closed so a crane could be used for the disassembly and removal of the monumental doors, which weigh over 7,500 pounds per door.  A temporary enclosure has been installed in place of the bronze doors during off-site restoration.

The expected date for re-installation is scheduled for mid-summer 2024.  The contract was awarded for $2.8M and is funded out of the Capitol Commission Preservation Fund.

Photos of the project can be accessed here.